Sergey Vladimirov

Sergey Vladimirov

Co-Founder & CTO

Sergey has numerous years of experience in software engineering, embedded systems and IOT, Sergey is the head behind Capte's hardware and manufacturing. Graduated MSc Hons in Engineering from Moscow State University of Design and Technology, he has worked in Russia, USA and The Netherlands in international companies like TomTom.

Paul Chipault

Paul Chipault

Co-Founder & Head of products

Paul is an engineer and worked as a transportation technical executive, he previously lead multiple software projects in the transportation field. He combines deep understanding of the industry problematics with sharp software engineering skills.

Our values

Problem solving

We enjoy finding innovative solution to everyday industry problems, it’s a great pleasure for us to be challenged with a new use case.


From supplier sourcing to privacy issues, we make sure that our business matches high standards in terms of environment and human rights.

Customer relationships

We love our clients, and as a company everything we do is focused on providing them with the best possible solutions.