Access control

NFC access control to vehicles, machines and facilities.

Keep track of who uses what

Automate and simplify your logbooks, be always aware of who uses what at anytime. This simplifies security and infrigements while making sure that only allowed users are operating and using your fleet/premises.

Administer who is allowed to use what

You can create Group User Policy: it means that you can create specific rules on users and machines such as requiring specific certifications to allow users to operate a machine or vehicle.

Simplify your key management

Managing the keys can often be a pain, our system can simplify the key management by using employee badges instead of key to manage access and ignition of vehicles and machines.

Compatible with


Trucks, buses




Doors, portals

Get a list of all the access attempts in Excel spreadsheet.

Visualize easily the working time of each operator/driver, a simple Excel spreadsheet can be generated allowing you to visualize the working times for all your staff within a period of time.

Buses&Coaches: create access control & automatic checks

You run shuttle services for companies? You frequently transport children? Our light NFC ticketing solution for passengers allows you to keep track of the number of passengers while restricting access to the bus to allowed people only. Want to make sure all the passengers are on board? Our app lets you know who’s in board and who’s not. 

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