API access

Embedded hardware made easy.


Existing software: you are welcome !

You might want to integrate already existing business application. This is the main reason why we built a public API, to ensure a maximum level of integration of our solution in the easiest posible way.

Create your own fleet management solution

There are plenty good reasons to start your own fleet management application, as generic applications on the market are not always able to fulfill needs across all industries. Using our combination of hardware & API will allow you to tackle very advanced use case where hardware management and communication is just about sending simple HTTP requests. No need to worry about anything else.

Because embedded hardware can be.. hard.

Creating and maintaining embedded hardware is no easy task. Firmware update, settings update, connectivity issues, mass production.. Capte’s combination of hardware & API allows you to define comprehensive settings and firmware update over the air through simple HTTP requests.


Capte’s DataLean Protocol: drop your data and roaming costs!

M2M Data roaming with cross-carrier connectivity can be expensive, and the more data you need to transfer the higher the costs are. Capte’s unique DataLean protocol is the result of years of experience within telematics in order to encode as much information as posible in the least posible amount of data. This ensures significant costs saving comparing to other protocols like MQTT or HTTP with up to 95% of data cost savings per message compared to HTTP.


 Amazing Location Based Services

If you go down the road of creating a fleet management solution, a lot of paid location based services are often required, we provide these location based services for most of our subscriptions plans.

  • Geocoding & Reverse geocoding of adresses.
  • Address autocompletion.
  • Vectorized Tiles serving for MapBox GL.
  • Online & Offline MapMatching service.


Managed SIM-Cards

All the features available on our solutions are accessible through our API, you can even swap a data-plan.

Polling or real-time

You can access data in two ways: polling over some endpoints, fine. Or you might have the need for real-time information in which case you can setup endpoints that’ll receive a post request in real-time when an event occurs. (Alerts, positions, J1939 data, etc..).

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