Capte Cloud

Standalone fleet management web application.


Remote access to vehicle’s technical and diagnostics data. You can enable or disable your vehicle’s ignition.

Track everything

You and your clients can monitor your vehicle in real-time. Get info on fuel consumption or any other parameter from onboard computer.

Automatic alerts

Capte Cloud makes it possible for you to set parameters to trigger alerts to be received via email, sms or a call.


You can access all the features trough a simple web browser. Zero installation or update time.

In-depth trip logging

Data from vehicles are collected and stored, allowing you to compare efficiency of routes based on their length, duration or fuel consumption, monitor the speed limit compliance, create a per mileage invoice system for your clients, and improve your quality of service.

Capte Cloud historical data analysis interface

Advanced data analysis

Are you doing passenger transportation? WeCapte allows you to provide your clients with on-board NFC access control, Capte Cloud then allows you to track in-depth passenger traffic on your transportation networks.

Capte Cloud Geofencing interface


Create custom areas: to trigger alerts on bus arival on simply to count passenger traffic.

Example: traffic analysis

Check visualised report of passengers checked-in in each area that your previously defined over a period of time. You can download this data for processing in Excel as well.

Capte Cloud: Passenger traffic analytics interface

An incredible gateway to your data

Capte Cloud is shipped with an API which allows to interface our applications with yours.

All the data we collect is easily queryable using Excel or any other third-party data analysis software that you might prefer to use.

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