Our CAN-based solutions

Fetch data directly from your vehicles and machines.


Your fleet supports J1939 – take advantage of it !

Wether you are operating machines, vehicles or heavy tools : J1939 CAN-bus can do a lot for you. Our solution allows you to fetch data about fuel, maintenance, systems condition and much more directly from your vehicles.

Pick whatever data you want, get it.

Vehicles and machine usually broadcast hundreds, thousands of different parameters. Our simple interface allows you to choose the messages you are interested in based on the unified protocol J1939.

Apply special business specific rules to the data fetched

You might want to get a specific alert based on a specific data. For example, if your machine has a steering wheel defect, you can configure a text message alert to get the information right away.

Our usecases

Fuel consumption monitoring 

Maintenance and defects alerts

System condition monitoring

Working time

Battery level

An amazingly flexible platform

It’s likely that your needs are going to change over time, you might be interested in one set of data today and you might want to go further in the future. Our unique interface allows you to remotely update your WeCapte devices, and specify which J1939 messages you are interested in based on a unique message identifier (PGN).

Dual CAN Interface

You might want to fetch data from different CAN-Busses, in fact many machines monitoring project require multiple CAN inputs or CAN mutliplexing. For this reason our device integrates two separate CAN controllers, so you can manage and get infos from two different CANs.

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