I/O DigiAlerts

Business specific alerts based on digital signal sequences.


Create your own data from any digital signal

You can easily create data based on different signals: get an alert when the trailer is opened, when the engine is runnning, or more refined: when the trailer is open with the engine running! Everything can bet configured through a simple web-interface, any situation can be detected, logged and alerted.

A simple example: Alcohol interlock bypass alert

Alcohol interlocks are devices that forces the operator to run through a breath analysing test before they can operate a vehicle or machine. These interlocks are quite easy to bypass, our unique signal analysis system was able to understand when these interlocks are bypassed, it was thus deployed on more than 400 coaches in France.

Get an email or a text message

Once the alerts are set and logged, you might want to get the information as fast as posible depending on the importance of the alerts. Our platform lets you set-up a text message and a list of contact to be informed of the alert.

Compatible with


Trucks, buses






Voltage threshold: low or exceeding power alerts.

You can set a voltage threshold alert, that’ll let you know if an element of your fleet is running low on its battery.

DigitalTiming Alerts

Create a digital timing sequence alerts and get alerts not only from an I/O event but on a sequence of differents I/O states.


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