Unbeatable embedded device

WeCapte IOT hub installed securely in the bus
WeCapte IOT hub with combo GSM/GNSS antenna

In-depth insights

Mileage, idlling time, fuel consumption, driving behaviour, passenger traffic. WeCapte collects all this information

Smart lock

Remote unlocking of vehicle doors and ignition.  Can be used as a standalone NFC access control device for building doors locks or portals.


Heavy duty

WeCapte is a high-grade embedded device designed to handle temperature variation, humidity as well as vibrations.


  • Dual-SIM GSM 2G
  • Dual CAN-BUS
  • RS232
  • UART
  • Bluetooth 3.0 & 4.0 (BLE)
  • GPS/GLONASS/Beidou
  • Accelerometer
  • High capacity LiPO Battery

Incident detection

Automatic detection of acceleration peaks. WeCapte can trigger alerts in case of accident.

Engineer on board

WeCapte analyzes data from OBD and FMS such as technical data as well as tachograph data for transportation vehicles.


WeCapte installation is basically just about pluging it in. No SIM-card, no set up required.

Additional modules

Its broad range of connections and interfaces makes WeCapte higly extendable. We are frequently releasing new complementary modules to help our clients to tackle their most advanced use cases.

NFC PCSC RS232 reader with OV-chipkaart

RS232 NFC PCSC Module

Wired NFC module capable to read both NFC and PCSC card, provided with a wire for connection with the device. 

NFC bluetooth reader with integrated LiPo battery

Bluetooth NFC Module

Wireless NFC module capable to read NFC tags remotely over bluetooth. BTLE 4.0, powered up using standard mini-usb wire and includes a rechargeable battery for standalone operation.


Your module

Want to connect something else? Maybe a light sensor or a different kind of RFID reader? Please get in touch and let’s see how we can deal with it.

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