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Extremely powerful web-based fleet tracking solution

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Meet WeCapte

Fleet management, NFC Driver  and passenger identification, real-time tracking, asset securement…

Discover the incredibly versatile WeCapte

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Dead simple deployment

WeCapte will get you started in seconds. Basically, you just have to plug it in.

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We strive to make vehicles and assets more connected

Fleet basics represent immediate services that you get with WeCapte device: tracking, fuel consumption, driving style

Fleet Basics

  • Live tracking & monitoring
  • Privacy-aware trip logging
  • Speed limit compliance
  • Vandalism protection
We provide full solution for your transportation services: passenger aces control, OBD and FMS data, remote diagnostics, webapp for 3rd parties


  • Passenger access control
  • Remote diagnostics
  • OBD-II & FMS Interfaces
  • Web app for your customers
Carsharing is hot nowadays, we provide full solution for the whole company fleet or single car

Vehicle sharing

  • BLE-based locking & unlocking
  • NFC-based vehicle ignition
  • Collisions & damages detection
  • Mileage monitoring
With WeCapte you can control access to secured premises or vehicles, get sensor data from remote locations e.g. wind turbine

Remote asset securement

  • Open and close asset remotely
  • Trigger a lock over the internet
  • Set list of allowed personnel
  • Standalone NFC access control

Our products

WeCapte IOT hub the heart of your vehicle


NFC PCSC RS232 reader module

NFC PCSC RS232 Module

NFC Bluetooth 4.0 BLE reader

NFC Bluetooth Module

Capte Cloud interface

Capte Cloud

Works on any kind of vehicle or remote asset !

Works on any kind of vehicle or remote asset

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