Universal monitoring platform for Trucks Buses Machines EV Chargers Vessels Garbage Trucks Everything .

A single platform for any equipment.

Capte helps you
to listen to your equipment.

WeCapte is Capte’s hardware backbone, making it possible to acquire relevant data from the equipment.

WeCapte is designed to be able to acquire data on the broadest range of equipment. 

It can be configured and reconfigured remotely to acquire almost any signal and supports worldwide eSIM-based connectivity.


Easy installation

No screwdriver, accept any power from 5 to 28VDC.

Plug & Play

Worldwide connectivity embedded. No configuration required before dispatch.

Super reliable

Automotive grade design, +65000hrs MTBF and rising.

Multi Interface

Multiple CAN interfaces, GPIOs, RS232|485, analog inputs.

understand it.

Capte offers a range of different features through its web portal. 
From pure data-acquisition to the most business specific dashboard and means of reporting. Capte-Portal is designed to support business needs as they grow in terms of exhaustivity of data and means of processing and visualization.    

A set of comprehensive modules

Fleet basics

The telematics classics, the most basic features at the best cost.


Detect and follow-up on technical defects across the whole fleet.


Über-flexible telemetry for equipment OEMs R&D teams.

Activity Coming Soon!

Contextualized analysis of operational data based on equipment's activity.

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The flexible design of Capte solutions makes them relevant across many industries.